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In the continually expanding world of library services, and over the past decade, we have served our market with commitment to deadlines and quality guidelines that lead to a sustainable growth in our Client List and a database of more than 20 million Books, Journals & Databases. MERIC is a two times winner of the World Bank Award for Customer Services Excellence in the MENA Region.

Established in August 1999, MERIC started out as the Official Distributor for the United Nations & its Agencies Publications in the MENA Region. Covering such a Wide Region as the Middle East & North Africa, MERIC concentrated during itsfirst years in building the company’s infrastructure for an Up-to-date Client Base and developing a system for promoting our lists based on our Clients preferences. Both Factors have been combined through a regular Updating System (customized by our clients selected Topics or Subjects of interest & Keywords requirements) that has been developed by MERIC technical team for better servicing our Clients and Readers.


In 2000, MERIC was awarded by The World Bank the "2000 Sales Growth Leader in the Middle East & North Africa". MERIC established as well our Office for Publishing. We started out with the translation, layout, publishing & distribution of the Human Development Report Arabic edition, One of the Key UN titles and, With our UN certified translators, Layout & Printing quality Personal lead to the success of this title. MERIC then expanded into various translation & co-publishing projects with the World Bank, UN NewYork Office, UNESCO & OECD. 


In 2001, With the growth of our Clients base to cover Government, Universities, Public & Private Institutions, ResearchCenters & Public Libraries all over the Region. Along with our customized Mailings, MERIC developed a team of CRM to manage our clients orders & queries adding quality control to our services provided, MERIC grew as one of the MENA Region's principal Library Suppliers. MERIC expanded its network of distribution to include several private Publishers due to our clients needs & requirements for various Academic titles. We have launched as well, MERIC Subscriptions Office for managing our Clients interests for Journals acquisition & consolidation.


In 2003, MERIC has utilized its mailing list, outlets and Sales force in serving our publishers through extensive marketing tours visiting our Clients in the Region, and we still maintain these trips for regular market updates. At the Frankfurt International Book Fair October 2003, MERIC was awarded again by the World Bank for the "2003 Best Overall Performance in The Middle East & North Africa".


In 2010, MERIC established our Office for E-Products promotion & Marketing, a Department that has enhanced us all with a thrill of technology, and while our list of products are increasing, so does our annual growth in Revenue & expectations.


In 2011, MERIC launched MERICONLINE Training Consultancy, that started out with a concentration on Innovation & Creativity training Workshops & Seminars and expanded the following year into covering Soft Skills training as well. The Department currently holds various accounts in the Region likeSamsung Saudi Arabia, Vodafone Egypt & others.



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